Livestream / Video of Meetings

City of Perkins Livestream / Video of City Commissions, Trusts, Authorities, and Boards

To begin watching live on YouTube, click the link below or paste the link into your browser address bar.


City of Perkins YouTube Channel


Note: Occasional technical difficulties may cause our livestreaming service to delay or fail. If a livestream does not appear five minutes after a meeting is scheduled to begin, there will be no livestream for that meeting.

Policy for Livestream / Videos of City Commissions, Trusts, Authorities, and Boards

The City of Perkins is committed to providing greater accessibility to its public meetings through livestreaming and video access. The City Commission hopes that more flexible and convenient access to a wider audience will result in greater community awareness and confidence in the integrity and accountability of the decision-making processes. 

Allowing the public to watch meetings ‘in real time’ via the Internet without the need to attend in person will allow the community the opportunity to view commission, trust, authority, or board debate and decisions, while eliminating geographic and time barriers that may prevent the public from attending meetings in person.

Anyone with a computer, smartphone, or tablet and Internet access is now able to watch City of Perkins public meetings (excluding executive sessions pursuant to 25 O.S. §307) as they are happening and can review previously streamed meetings online.

Livestreams are available for the entities listed below when meetings are in session: 

  • Board of Adjustment
  • City Commission
  • Floodplain Board
  • Oklahoma Territorial Plaza Trust
  • Parks & Recreation Board
  • Perkins Industrial Development Authority
  • Perkins Public Library Trust
  • Perkins Public Works Authority
  • Planning Commission
  • Thomas-Wilhite Memorial Library Board 

Videos of meetings as of February 2022 will be available on the City of Perkins YouTube Channel and a copy maintained on the city’s server.

Meeting agendas and minutes can be found at our online Archive Center. Audio recordings of the meetings are located on our City Meetings Recordings web page.

Making available livestreaming opportunities and video recordings is a component of the City's ongoing efforts to provide convenient access to information and increased transparency and accountability.

Attendance at public meetings does not provide any commissioner, trustee, board member, City of Perkins employee, or member of the public protection from defamation in relation to behavior or statements made.

Individual opinions or statements made during the course of the public meetings are not the opinions or statements of any City of Perkins commission, trust, authority, or board.

By participating in a City of Perkins public meeting, individuals consent to the use and disclosure of the information that they share at the meeting (including any personal or sensitive information given), for the purposes of the commission, trust, authority, or board to carry out its functions. Individuals also consent to the disclosure of that information to any person(s) who access livestreaming or recordings of City of Perkins public meetings.

Click here to download the City of Perkins Policy for Livestream/Videos of City Commissions, Trusts, Authorities and Boards

Crowd Release / Notice of Filming and Photography

By participating in a public meeting of the City of Perkins, attendees are entering an area where photography, audio, and video recording may occur.

An attendee’s presence at the meeting constitutes consent to be photographed, filmed, and/or otherwise recorded and to the release, publication, exhibition, or reproduction of any and all recorded media of his or her appearance, voice, and name for any purpose whatsoever in perpetuity in connection with the City of Perkins and its entities and initiatives, including, by way of example only, use on websites, in social media, news, and/or advertising.

By entering the event premises, attendees waive and release any claims they may have related to the use of recorded media of them at the event, including, without limitation, any right to inspect or approve the photo, video, or audio recording of them, any claims for invasion of privacy, violation of the right of publicity, defamation, and copyright infringement or for any fees for use of such record media.

Attendees should understand that all photography, filming and/or recording will be done in reliance on this consent. If an attendee does not agree to the foregoing, please see the City Clerk or Secretary of the public body.

Technical difficulties

While every effort will be made to ensure livestreaming and recordings are available, the City of Perkins takes no responsibility for, and cannot be held liable for, unavailability of livestreaming or a recording due to technical issues. If a livestream does not appear five minutes after a meeting is scheduled to begin, there will be no livestream for that meeting.

These technical issues may include, but are not limited to:

  • the unavailability of the Internet connection
  • device failure or malfunction
  • unavailability of social media platforms
  • power outages


You should be able to view livestreams and recorded videos without installing any additional software. If you are experiencing any issues watching this video, consider the following:


The link above is active only when a meeting is being streamed live.


You can only watch a livestream if you have a consistent internet connection.


Shared wi-fi networks, like what you might find at a coffee shop, are often too unreliable to view a livestream without interruption.


We recommend viewing on the best possible connection you can find.