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The City of Perkins is accepting sealed bids for the following:





September 12, 2019



The City of Perkins (hereinafter, "City") has issued this Request for Proposals (hereinafter, "RFP") for the sole purpose and intent of obtaining proposals from interested and qualified Companies to provide Solid Waste and Recycling Services for a three (3), five (5), or seven (7) or 10-year period. (Contractors may bid on any or all of the proposed contract periods, and the city will choose the best price-duration to fit local needs.) Background

The City currently operates its solid waste collection services though a Contractor that collects garbage for residential and commercial customers. The City has a customer base of approximately 1277 residential homes for once a week service, and approximately 104 businesses for commercial service. Of the residential customers, approximately 193 have an additional polycart.

In addition to the residential and commercial customers, the City of Perkins also works closely with our public-school system and desires to provide them with a special rate for trash and/or recycling services to better enable them to serve the needs of our students. Perkins-Tryon Public Schools consists of four campuses and they currently employ the use of five 2-yard containers, (3 containers @ twice per week, 1 @ 3 times per week, and 1 @ 5 times per week) and five 6 yard containers (3 @ 5 times per week, 1 @ 4 times per week, and 1 @ 3 times per week).

Inquiries or Questions

City Manager Bob Ernst
110 North Main Street/ PO Box 9
Perkins, OK 74059
405-547-2445 OFFICE
918-541-5455 CELL

Method of Source Selection

The City is using the Competitive Sealed Proposals method of source selection, for this procurement. An award, if made, will be made to the responsible firm whose proposal is most advantageous to the City, taking into consideration the factors set forth in this RFP. The City may, as is deemed necessary, conduct discussions with responsible firms that have been determined to be reasonably suspected of being selected for award for the purpose of clarification to assure full understanding of, and responsiveness to solicitation requirements.

Minimum Criteria Response & General Questions

Please submit the following information in addition to Exhibit A.

a. Describe your customer service program in detail.
b. Provide your most recent audited statement.
c. Describe your Experience and Qualifications
d. List the designated Disposal Site available to your Firm and its expected closure date.
e. Provide references of cities or towns that are currently, or have been served by your company.
f. Describe your truck fleet and type of carts/bins that will be utilized.
g. Provide a list of materials that can be recycled.

Projected Timetable

  • RFP Issued September 12, 2019
  • Proposal Closing Date and Time November 12, 2019, 4:00 pm
  • Bid Opening November 12, 2019 (regular meeting of the Perkins Public Works Authority or the Perkins City Commission)
  • Projected Award Date January 14, 2020
  • Projected Contract Execution February 11, 2020
  • Projected Contract Start Date July 1, 2020

General Description of Required Performance Outcomes

At a minimum, the contractor must achieve and maintain the performance outcomes listed below, and remain consistent with performance standards agreed to by all parties through a contract as a result of this RFP. Contractors may also propose additional performance outcomes beyond those minimally required.

Scope of Work

Service(s) to be provided include commercial and residential solid waste, yard waste, and potentially recycling, disposal services.

General Description

Contractor will furnish proper and suitable material, and equipment required for the collection and removal of garbage, rubbish, refuse, and waste materials, cans, bottles, rags, waste paper, grocery and ordinary household refuse, hedge trimmings, garden weeds, grass cuttings and brush (excepting materials accumulated as the result of building operations or alterations, whole trees, tree stumps, stones, earth, industrial waste or hazardous or medical waste) from all dwellings, business properties, schools, public buildings, and all other building and/or structures within the Municipality for a period of 3, 5, 7, or 10 years. Contractors may bid on any or all of the proposed contract periods, and the city will choose the best price-duration to fit local needs.

Free of Charge

A. Contractor will make available a minimum of five 30-yard roll-off containers, free of charge, for annual spring city clean up. (Please provide price quote for additional roll-off containers in excess of above-mentioned five.
B. Contractor will make available a minimum of five 30-yard roll-off containers, free of charge, for annual fall city clean up. (Please provide price quote for additional roll-off containers in excess of above-mentioned five.)
C. Contractor will make available twenty additional polycarts for special events and collect said polycarts on the following regular trash service day. Special events include, but are not limited to: Old Settlers' Day and Old-Fashioned Country Christmas.
D. Contractor will make available one 30-yard roll-off container for the annual Oklahoma Trash Off Event.

Physically Limited Customers

Contractor agrees to assist physically limited customers who cannot move their trash containers near the street or alley. As of this RFP, there are approximately 37 customers that require assistance with moving their polycart to the curb and back to the residence.


The recycling program should be bid as an optional service and should include as many classifications of items (plastic, glass, cardboard, paper, metal, etc.) as possible and practical. The recycling service may be bid on a per household and/or on a weight basis. All such recyclable materials shall be disposed of in a designated Materials Recycling Facility (MRF). The Contractor shall be responsible for any additional disposal cost associated with the processing of recycling. The City will pay the Contractor on a monthly basis, based on the timely invoice with details regarding each residence or each receptacle. A tonnage report will be required each month by the Contractor.

Educational and Promotional Programs

The Contractor shall provide a customer informational brochure to each household describing the service they are providing at the beginning of the contract, and to new City subscribers prior to initiation of service.

Proposal Cost Format

Rates are to be submitted on the proposed pricing schedule in Exhibit A of this document. Rates must include all fees, charges, surcharges, and extra pick-ups. Contractor may offer City other offerings or service enhancements as part of the proposal. Contractors are expected to complete this form and then may include additional pages and/or charges as they deem necessary. All charges should be on a monthly basis unless stated otherwise. In the event a contractor desires to offer a service not specifically listed on this form, please enter said service on this form or an additional sheet and attach. All polycarts and dumpsters are presumed to be owned by the contractor.

Constraints on Contractor

The Contractor shall perform service in accordance with Articles of the City of Perkins Garbage and Refuse located in Chapter 3 of Title 4 in the Perkins City Code. Said code can be viewed at

Contractor's Personnel Requirements

The Contractor must provide a central point of contact person(s) to ensure coordination of each service and/or program, as well as individuals that have the necessary expertise to solve or remedy any problems with service.

Contractor's Responsibilities

Before submitting a proposal, each Contractor shall make all investigations and examinations necessary to ascertain all conditions and requirements affecting the full performance of the contract. No pleas of ignorance of such conditions and requirements resulting from failure to make such investigations and examinations will relieve the successful Contractor from any obligation to comply with every detail and with all provisions and requirements of the contract documents, or will be accepted as a basis for any claim whatsoever for any monetary consideration on the part of the Contractor.

Terms and Conditions of Contract for Services

A contract resulting from this RFP shall be offered to the city from the successful contractor and be subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein.

Instructions for Proposal

Compliance with the RFP

Proposals must be in strict compliance with this Request for Proposal. Failure to comply with all provisions of the RFP may result in disqualification.

Acknowledgement of Insurance Requirements

The Contractor will obtain and keep continuously in effect public liability and property damage insurance in an amount of not less than $2,000,000.00 for any person, and $l,000,000.00 for any one accident, and not less than $100,000.00 for property damage insurance, which policy or policies will name Municipality as co—insured.

Delivery of Proposals

All proposals are to be sealed and delivered before 4:00 p.m. Central Standard Time (CST), on November 12, 2019, to:
City of Perkins
110 North Main
PO Box 9
Perkins, OK 74059

The City will not accept any proposals received after the date/time stated herein, and shall request Contractor to make arrangements to retrieve late proposals. The City shall not bear the responsibility for proposals delivered past the stated date and/or time, or to an incorrect address by Contractor's personnel or by the Contractor's outside carrier. The envelope of package submitted shall be labeled so as to identify the contents. Suggested labeling is "Residential & Commercial Solid Waste Collection and Recycling Program Proposal."

Evaluation of Proposals (Procedure) The City will first examine proposals to eliminate those that are clearly nonresponsive to the stated requirements. Therefore, Contractors should exercise care in reviewing the proposal format required for this RFP.

City Officials shall then rank all proposals based upon the evaluation factors detailed herein.

The City of Perkins reserves the right to withdraw this RFP at any time and for any reason, and to issue such clarifications, modifications, and/or amendments as it may deem appropriate.

Receipt of a proposal by the City of Perkins or a submission of a proposal to the City of Perkins offers no rights upon the Contractor nor obligates the City in any manner.

The City reserves the right to waive minor irregularities in proposals, provided that such action is in the best interest of the City. Any such waiver shall not modify any remaining RFP requirements or excuse the Contractor from full compliance with the RFP specifications and other contract requirements if the Contractor is awarded the contract.

Ambiguity, Conflict, or Other Errors in the RFP

If a Contractor discovers any ambiguity, conflict, discrepancy, omission, or other error in the RFP, they shall immediately notify the City of such error in writing and request modification or clarification of the document. City Officials will make modifications by issuing a written revision and will give written notice to all known parties who have received this RFP.

The Contractor is responsible for clarifying any ambiguity, conflict, discrepancy, omission, or other error in the Request for Proposals prior to submitting the proposal or it shall be waived.

Proposals and Presentation Costs

The City will not be liable in any way for any costs incurred by any Contractor in the preparation of its proposal in response to this RFP, nor for the presentation of its proposal and/or participation in any discussions or negotiations.

Rejection of Proposals

The City reserves the right to accept or reject in whole or in part any or all proposals submitted. The City shall reject the proposal of any Contractor that is determined to be non-responsive. The unreasonable failure of a Contractor to promptly supply information in connection with respect to responsibility may be grounds for a determination of non-responsibility.

Acceptance of Proposals

The City shall accept all proposals that are submitted properly. However, the City reserves the right to request clarifications or corrections to proposals.

Requests for Clarification of Proposals

Requests by the City for clarification of proposals shall be in writing. Said requests shall not alter the Contractor's pricing information contained in its proposal.

Validity of Proposals

All proposals shall be valid for a period of ninety (90) days from the submission date.