Water & Sewer Testing (Previous Fiscal Years)

Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Testing

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While water and wastewater testing has been conducted as required for several years by the City of Perkins, the results have been made available via the website only recently. For copies of previous reports, please contact City Hall at (405) 547-2445.

The documents available on this website are provided as a convenience to users. The City of Perkins makes every effort to produce and publish on this website accurate reproductions of official documents kept in its files. However, it is possible that content may be lost or distorted when converted into electronic format or uploaded to the website. Because of this, users are cautioned that the documents available on this website may not be sufficient for official purposes and it may be necessary to obtain a certified copy from the City Clerk.

DEQ Consumer Confidence Report

The Water Confidence Report is published annually by the Department of Environmental Quality a few months following the end of each calendar year. 

Biosolids Test Required Every Two Years for Landfill

Synthetic Organic Components Testing Results 

All Test Results (Water and Sewer) for February - July, 2020

All Test Results (Water and Sewer) for August, 2020 - June 2021

Monthly Water Testing

Previous Testing- 2019

"Sonic" Well (1206 N Main) Start-Up Tests

Water Iron & Manganese Test

  • See above "All Test Results" like for August 2020 - June 2021 test results
  • See above "All Test Results" link for February - June, 2020, test results
  • April 2019 (PDF)

Annual DEQ SDWIS Report

Water Quality Parameter & Lead/Copper

Wastewater Treatment Plant Biochemical Oxygen Demand Test

 Previous Testing

Wastewater Treatment Plant Selenium Test

Wastewater Treatment Plant HEM and COD Test

Wastewater Treatment Plant E. Coli Test

Previous Testing

Annual Sludge Analysis