Sponsorship Policy

Approved at the October 10, 2023, regular meeting of the City Commission, the City of Perkins Sponsorship Policy establishes general guidelines for sponsorships and sponsorship agreements with entities and individuals for the City’s programs, events, and personal and real property. Sponsorship is a privilege, not a right. Sponsorships are an important tool to enhance and improve the programs and events for the citizens and visitors of Perkins as well as provide opportunities for community involvement by local businesses who desire to support and be associated with City programs and events. In addition, sponsorships help offset the City’s costs of offering programs and events.

Sponsorships are maintained by the City as a non-public forum and regulated by the City. The City reserves the right to exercise full discretion and editorial control over the placement, content, appearance, and wording of sponsorship affiliations and messages in accordance with the terms of this policy.

Please click here to download a .pdf version of the City of Perkins Sponsorship Policy.